January 20, 2023

#1 Buttonizer : Smart Floating Widgets (Free & Lifetime Deal)

 Hey guys, today we are here with an awesome tool, that helps you to keep your audience active on your website. Presenting you “Buttonizer : Smart Floating Widgets”

What is Buttonizer?

Buttonizer lets you create floating chat widgets, contact forms, and dynamic buttons to increase website conversions. 


How does Buttonizer helps boost your website?

Buttonizer provides 40+ floating button options to help you interact with your clients. It includes WhatsApp chat button to let your clients contact you or if you like you can let your client Join your Telegram channel or discord server. Yeah, that’s right, you can see our telegram popup on the left side of the screen. We personally been using it once we got this Lifetime Deal on AppSumo – Check Below

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo :

Tier 1:

  • 1 website
  • 150,000 pageviews per month

Tier 2:

  • 5 websites
  • 500,000 pageviews per month

Tier 3:

  • Unlimited websites
  • 1M pageviews per month


What makes Buttonizer different than other tools:

Its already thousands of tools out there & we personally used like top 10 of them. Nothing is as compared to what you are getting here. The best thing so far is the analytics, its perfect like you can see how many views & clicks you get on the widget. Even you get to know about the conversion rate of the widget. You can add unlimited widgets & if any widget seems not performing you can turn that off & make new ones.

Buttonizer even provides popup service, so your client ready to leave your website, woo-hoo you can just give them a great popup deal. You want your support widget to appear only 10AM to 6PM yeah, Buttonizer got you covered with that too. Oh, I forgot to mention you may not be working on Sunday’s just let not that widget appear at all on your wonderful day. 

Free Plan:

Usually, free services come with a lot of limitations. But like HostGreet Free Web Hosting, Buttonizer also tends to provide the best service, it includes mostly everything a user may require for starting. Like all basic widgets, including WhatsApp & telegram also. 

Advanced Features of Buttonizer :

  • Page Rules : This is the best feature of Buttonizer which i personally like the most. Using this feature, you can set filters on your widgets on where to show/hide the floating buttons. Let’s take an example to understand it further, I only want visitors of United States let my Buttons see not on other countries. I can use page rules for it. One Page Rules can be used on unlimited widgets just you have to reselect it. This feature will let me set filters on different types like path, visitors country and many more. Isn’t it a good feature?

  • Time Schedules: Time schedules will help you a lot. This feature will help you add time schedules on your floating buttons. Let’s also take an example, I am website owner and don’t want any calls or messages after 12AM or On Sundays. I will simply use time schedule. You can also exclude any date from it. It’s also very useful tool.


  •  Create New Group Dialogs: You can create single, chat/contact/iframe widget or group of multiple buttons. 

  • The Analytics: Buttonizer Also Provides a feature to analyze how much views, clicks your widget have got on the homepage of Buttonizer. This is great feature to see which socials have more views/clicks. 
  • Add Multiple Websites: You can also add multiple owned websites on Buttonizer and add floating buttons on it according to your tiers.

Some more useful Buttonizer Features:

  • WhatsApp widget: WhatsApp Widget is very useful widget to conversate with your audience directly on your WhatsApp. This Widget let your visitors directly message you on WhatsApp. It’s very useful and important for visitors if they have any issue, they can easily contact you and solve it. Buttonizer lets you also customize the template and icon according to your preferences which other sites lack on it. That’s why we are referring you the best tool for widgets.
  • Contact form widget : Contact form widget lets your visitors contact you through email. This widget will saw a form of name, email, message to visitors so that they can explain their issue to you, and you will get a mail on every submission. This tool is also very useful for sites. You can also change labels of form according to your preference. 
  • Unlimited floating action buttons: Buttonizer lets you create unlimited floating buttons which will make your site more attractive, and this will help visitors to easily contact you. 
  • Make a floating menu: This floating menu lets you add your contacts, actions like printing/saving the page/Scroll up-down/socials, business contacting details like Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, twitter etc. This menu can be styled in different templates.
  • Social sharing buttons: As discussed earlier, you can add your mostly all socials using this widget. You can also customize the messages your visitor can send which will help your visitor to explain his/her issue faster.
  • Custom button positioning : You can add these widgets on any position on your website within seconds. It will help to save your time on coding. 
  • Show/ Hide on Scrolls: You can also decide whether the buttons will be shown or not when visitor scrolls down your website.  
  • 5 attention-grabbing animations: Buttonizer provides 5 different attention-grabbing animations so that your visitor have a look before he leaves the website. it will overall increase your sites traffic as many visitors will have a look on it and maybe their mind gets diverted and they are ready to buy services with you.
  • Add Your Google Maps Location: This widget will usually help business owners as they can add their shop location for customers who wanna deal offline. This widget will show your location to your customers through google maps. Best part is you can set that this location will be seen on Pop-up or New Window.
  • Execute JavaScript function: Buttonizer also lets you add JavaScript to your website which you can use to interact with groups and buttons. Buttonizer will provide you code that can changed according to your choice and entered on your website. 

So, curious to know what these features are? I will not be wasting more of your time explaining the widgets that are easy to understand. Like – Whatsapp Widget & Contact Form. We all know most widget companies are charging 100s of dollars for just these simple widgets. So, let’s move to more advanced features.

Exit Intent Trigger:  It’s hard to let your visitors go without paying attention to your hardly written latest blog post or not visiting the best of your deals. Let’s stop them before exit with a simple yet attractive popup widget & let them know what they just missed or simply offer them extra discounts on your current products.


How to get Buttonizer : Smart Floating Widgets:

Appsumo Deal (Not going to be live forever)

  1. First of all, Click on Appsumo Deal Here
  2. Choose the tier as per your requirement.
    For starter i suggest the Tier 2, as it’s the best fit even after your website growth.
  3. Click on Buy Now
  4. Proceed for payment.
  5. Click on Redeem Now
  6. Enter your details & you just got a Lifetime Plan which is going to last forever.

Buttonizer Website:

  1. Visit their website from here.
  2. Click on Create Free Account
  3. Enter your basic details.
  4. Now choose your plan or try it for Free.


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