October 9, 2022

ConectoHub Lifetime Deal : Productivity Booster 2022

Hey Guys, Today we are going to post about an amazing product Showcase “ ConectoHub Lifetime Deal : Productivity Booster”

Most of SitePape users already knows that we only post about the products we personally use. So here is ConectoHub one of my personal favorite for my task management mostly.


Most Common problem user face with task management apps is Device Sync & Non availability of apps in different devices.

ConectoHub not only covers these things, also provide very unique sets of features. I may not be moving to ConectoHub, but i just checked there deal on AppSumo & Just checked there blog with Comparison with Asana.

I actually used Asana from past few months & i can surely say its much better.

Moving to Projects :

Here we can make a project which you want to focus on. Let’s just take SitePape for example.

My current focus on starting Lifetime Reseller hosting. But i don’t get much time & also lazy to work on it. My team also not working on it properly.

Project Making :

  • SitePape Reseller Hosting,
  • Add my Team Mates
  • Select the Starting & End of this project Date
  • I add Bullet Points & Description about My Project (Like pricing of the lifetime hosting, Features, DirectAdmin Panel etc)
  • Add my Budget for the Project
  • Add my Target (Like should sell to 100 clients within 3 days of launch)

Managing the Project :

Now, i can add in To-Do which things my team should complete & in which order.

  • Add a To-Do (Install DirectAdmin)
  • When My Team Start working on it, They mark it In Progress
  • So, Now i know my Team started working on DirectAdmin installation
  • Now i can simply assign new Tasks in To-Do
  • When they complete the Task they can Simply mark it Done
  • So i can keep track on all my projects progress
  • Cool isn’t that.

Budget Management:

We already set the budget for my Current Project of Lifetime Reseller Hosting as mentioned above. Now my team can add the amount they spent as per my tasks.

  • For example They installed DirectAdmin successfully
  • Now they add Costs for Server, DirectAdmin, Management & Other Third party tools that are required.
  • I can see the progress of my budget regularly
  • If the projects takes like 700$ from the budget of 1000$ i can easily check it in the budget section of my Project

We can not only Track the Budget, we can track much more things like Target, Remaining Time, Overdue Tasks, Completed tasks & Much more.

Let’s Move to the More Advance Functions we Get Here.

Project Portfolio :

Here we can see multiple Project under One portfolio. Like for multiple companies or multiple projects of same company. We can check there progress, budget, Status etc. We can also check & mark the project On Track or Off Track as its going.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) :

We all have good ideas to implement on & we know that we can do great with it. But we still fail to do it, why ?

I guess lack of self confidence ? No, the answer is lack of management & lack of proper objectives.

Have you ever think what you want in business other than just money, what’s your business monthly objectives. How many clients shall i attend, How much time i should spend on SEO, How many blog articles shall i write ?

We always fail to do so, we always focus only on one goal, instead of seeing wide.

Creating Objectives :

  • Go to objective section
  • Click New Objective
  • Enter your Objective (For Example : Lifetime Reseller Hosting Server security & update checkup)
  • Now we select goal as monthly goal
  • Select which team is up to this task
  • Now we select the Parent Objective ( Like : Lifetime Reseller Management & Quality Service)
  • I can now enter the expected results from my objectives (Example : Server speed increase & server security improve)
  • Update of Progress (We can mark key results as completed as they shows responses)

Kinda seems like Time Saving tool. The ultimate thing is you can manage everything from most of your device at Real Time. Like iOS, Android or Computer.

How To Get ConectoHub Lifetime Deal : Productivity Booster

  • Go to Appsumo Link Here
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Create your account or Login
  • Complete your Payment
  • Click on Redemption Link
  • Enter your details
  • Submit your Lifetime Claim Code
  • Enjoy the amazing features from ConectoHub for Lifetime

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