October 12, 2022

cPanel vs DirectAdmin : Why Everybody is Moving to DirectAdmin? 2022

Hey Guys, we all know about cPanel as its what we all grow up with in our online world. Now a days DirectAdmin is growing faster than cPanel. So here’s full info on “cPanel vs DirectAdmin ( Why Everybody is moving to DirectAdmin? )

cpanel vs directadmin

cPanel Vs DirectAdmin. both are most of the famous hosting control panel, we rarely found other control panels getting the hype like these two. Let’s find out the reason & what’s the difference between these two.

Why DirectAdmin is Growing ?

DirectAdmin was not much popular a year ago. It just happened over the night when cPanel increased its pricing. So, its all pricing issue?

Yes, cPanel didn’t just increased the price. They said now they are going to charge per cPanel account. So our hosting industry is all works with resellers. It’s difficult to start new business & grow it with per account charge issue.

Every new business starts with lower prices or discounts. So in earlier times reseller used to buy unlimited accounts cPanel reseller hosting. That can be resold to almost unlimited users. So using few of them by dropping prices wasn’t a issue. Even most of resellers used to provide web hosting for free. But now cPanel fucked up there business model. If they drop the charges they will earn almost nothing.

Here’s DirectAdmin took the opportunity & start giving monthly license with the Protection Against Price Increase. That means if you are paying monthly on regular basis. Even if the price increases you have to pay the same amount only.

What’s the DirectAdmin Pricing & Plans :

The Unlimited Accounts License comes at 29$ only with Unlimited Technical Support. It includes Unlimited Users, Unlimited Domains. If you are new & don’t know how to install DirectAdmin. It offers Free Installation, Just create a support ticket to them & they will handle it.

What’s the cPanel Pricing & Plans :

cPanel unfortunately doesn’t have any Unlimited account license. They used to provide Unlimited cPanel license for quite a long time & stopped it suddenly from 2020. Now cPanel costs $35/Month for first 100 accounts & after that $0.175 for each account.

cPanel vs DirectAdmin Support Quality :

I personally have used it several times, it’s quite good. I have asked to get my add-on apps installed & they did it several times. On any issue they solve it. Average Response Time is : 2 hours to 3 hours.

cPanel doesn’t help you much in any incident. They offer paid support of 69$ per incidents. They have quite good forum community & much presence on google that can help you to solve any issue. Read More

Some More Difference Between cPanel Vs DirectAdmin.

Popularity :

When it comes to popularity cPanel doesn’t have any competition. cPanel / WHM have been known for there easy to use interface. cPanel were like first of its kind with such features.

Free SSL :

Both cPanel & DirectAdmin offers Free SSL Certificates that is Let’s Encrypt. cPanel also provides Free auto-ssl powered by Comodo.

Litespeed / Ngnix / Apache :

cPanel need paid license for LiteSpeed. Where as Ngnix & Apache can be used.

DirectAdmin offers Free Open LiteSpeed & Ngnix + Apache.

User Interface :

Both the panels are easy to use & clean interface. But cPanel is old & everybody is used to it. So cPanel is much preferred in case of UI.

cPanel UI :

cPanel comes with two level login system, one for users & another for Resellers/Root. Both login works with different port. cPanel user level interface is more convinent.

cPanel lacks many options to manage your server in one interface, they allow root & resellers to Login into user’s cPanel via the “List Accounts” feature (Need to be setup via WHM Tweak Settings). cPanel doesn’t offers you to add new admins. That makes it difficult to manage server & resellers. You need to share your root access if you need someone to manage your server or resellers. cPanel root is much more difficult than DirectAdmin.

DirectAdmin UI :

DirectAdmin does seems to have nice interface, It has like 5 categories on the top & than sub categories. It’s more easy to find & manage things if you are a new to hosting business. But if you move from cPanel it may seems less convinent in the start. DirectAdmin offers 3 access levels : Admin, Reseller & User. It offers the login via same port i.e. :2222 DirectAdmin seems clean and simple when you try it for the first time.

Directadmin also offers you to add multiple admins, that makes it easy to manage your server & resellers. You can give the preffered rights to your new admins by keeping the main root access by yourself.

Free Trial :

DirectAdmin offers 60 days free trial with self installation.

cPanel offers 15 days free trial.

Third Party Apps & Integrations :

cPanel is much older & famous than DirectAdmin. So cPanel offer far more apps, add-ons than Directadmin.

DirectAdmin also have decent number of Integrations & Apps. It currently have all the apps you need to run your hosting business. It integrates with most of the famous & quality tools.

Like : WHMCS, Softaculous, SitePad & Much more.

Protection :

Both the panels have quite good protection against Spam, DDOS & other things. Both panels are easy to integrate with CSF & Immunify for Firewall & Malware protection.

But many hosting companies are now using cPanel crack for there business as its what people like the most. It puts your website in forever risk. I have seen hundred thousands of companies offering cPanel hosting with cracked license. It’s difficult to find which company is using the unsafe versions. Without worrying about there clients data & there quality.

Should we Switch from cPanel to DirectAdmin :

It’s your decision. If you are looking for more famous & good interface. You should go with cPanel. But if you are looking for cheaper & cost effective

So From cPanel Vs DirectAdmin.. cPanel Is Preffered As Its Famous And Good.. For Cheaper You Should Go For DirectAdmin..

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