October 10, 2022

Free Lifetime Virtual Number worth 120$/year

Today we are going to post about “How to get lifetime virtual number for free (US,CANADA)”. Keep your identity safe from others by using an permanent virtual number.lifetime virtual number

Virtual Number is a number that is not connected to your Phone Via SIM & can be accessed from anywhere. Virtual number are mostly used to safe guard your real number or to use an international number from a different user country (Common Purpose Multi National Branding)

How Much it Cost Usually ?

They usually costs around 3$ to 15$ per month. Depends upon the Virtual Number host country, state, calling minutes & much more factors.

Why can’t we use Free Virtual Numbers

Free Virtual Numbers are temporary, so can’t be used as permanent number to safe guard your identity.

If we use that number on whatsapp, telegram & later we lost access to it. Any body can access it & you will not be able to retrieve it.

Is it Really Lifetime :

Yes, you will have access to it, till you renew your premium web hosting. There is no monthly renew for the same. We understand your delay & give you grace period on late payments. ????

How Can we Access our Virtual Number ?

We usually provides Virtual Number from Two Providers. We buy your Lieftime virtual number as you place your order & confirm your desired USA or Canada State Code. We will soon share you the login details to the desired app with your number in it.

Step By Step Process to Start Using Your Lifetime Virtual Number :

  1. First of All, Download the app
  2. Register your account with your real number
  3. Create ticket on SitePape Portal with your Registered Number
  4. Our Executive will add your desired number in it.
  5. Note : You can’t choose a vanity Number with this deal

Can I Forward the Call To my Personal Number :

Yes, we understand that many of you may want to use it as your calling number. That will not really work good with Internet only. So that’s why our marketing & technical team did a great effort to find such an service, where users can do both internet calling & call forwarding.

Can I Choose Custom Lifetime Virtual Number :

Yes, we allow you to choose from several numbers. You can choose any of them & get your business started. We always try to give you the best possible number. All numbers we share the list of are easy to remember or may reflect your brand name.

Like : BOSS Reflects to 8055. So, similarly you can choose your Name or your Brand Name.

Which Hosting Plan Includes International Lifetime Virtual Number For Free :

  • OffShore Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • SEO Hosting
  • Bullet Proof Hosting

Premium Package for all above hosting.

Can I Get International Virtual Number if i am using any other hosting plan?

Yes, you can buy it as add-on. We charge fair price for all international numbers. ????

Will It Expire If We Don’t Renew Our Premium Hosting ?

We usually don’t suspend the numbers as we believe that the access should be in your hand forever. But the international virtual numbers need to be renewed in specific times. So, even if we don’t suspend it, you have to renew it by yourself after you stop paying for your premium package.

If you pay for the premium hosting package we will do all the renewals for you.

How To Get Lifetime Virtual Number For Free :

If You are New Customer :

  1. First of all Click on Premium Package From Here
  2. Click on Place Order
  3. Submit your details
  4. Proceed for payment
  5. You will get a mail as soon as you place your order
  6. Follow the steps & you are done

If You are Old Customer :

  1. First of all, Open your SitePape Client Portal
  2. Login & Click on Create Ticket
  3. Now Create a ticket asking for your International Lifetime virtual number
  4. Now within no time our Executive will share you the process & assign you a number.

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