September 17, 2022

Free Lifetime WHMCS License Key (Verified) (Worth 15$/Month)

WHMCS is the most commonly used hosting billing software in the market. So Posting “Free Lifetime WHMCS License Key (Verified) (Worth 15$/Month)”

Free Lifetime WHMCS License Key

WHMCS used to offer Lifetime Owned License in the start but later they closed that package & a piece of our heart broke with that news. But as like other deals you guys asked for adding it in the Lifetime Package & share the Tips, Tricks to get Free Lifetime WHMCS License Key.

Do WHMCS still offer Lifetime License:

No, they have closed their Owned License sale long time ago. Also requested the old buyers if they want to sell it back to WHMCS.

If you find someone selling you WHMCS Owned License, he is most probably going to scam you. So be aware, better read this full article on sitepape to get Free Lifetime WHMCS License Key.

Why WHMCS is the Most Demanding Billing Software?

WHMCS is the one of the oldest billing software that got refined over time & offer the best billing, customization & user experience.

WHMCS offers hundreds, thousands of modules that help you get the best out of WHMCS. Even you can get your own module developed with third parties.

Can We Verify WHMCS License?

Yes, we offer genuine WHMCS License that can be checked with WHMCS verification system itself.

Can we Install One License on Multiple Domains?

No, WHMCS offer license for each separate domain you want to install it on.

But if you want to change your domain permanently you can do that by asking us to reissue your license.

Is It Really Lifetime?

Yes, it’s lifetime with our Premium Package. You will get to use it till you Use our Premium Package. If you stop the billing it will be deleted without further notification.

Do We Provide Installation Service?

Yes, we will install your WHMCS & setup your basic things Like: Domain Seller, Hosting Packages & Payment Gateway setup etc.

Basic setup is totally free of cost. You can also get your full WHMCS setup with custom theme & other things at low prices.

Which WHMCS Plan SitePape Offer?

We offer most of the plans according to the package you choose. Our Premium Package starts with starter WHMCS plan.

We also offer Plus & Business license with other packages.

Can i Change My Plan Later?

Yes, you can upgrade whenever you want.

Will I be able to Sell Hosting Immediately?

Yes, as we do the basic setup for your whmcs. That will let you launch your business immediately without worrying about delays.

How to Get Free Lifetime WHMCS License Key

Old Customers:
  1. First of All, Login to SitePape Portal
  2. Click Open Ticket
  3. Write subject: WHMCS Lifetime License
  4. Enter Your Domain Name
  5. Submit the details
  6. Within few hours you will get your WHMCS License & Get it installed
New Customers:
  1. First of All, Order SitePape Premium Package
  2. Complete your order
  3. You will get the process via mail
  4. Your WHMCS License will be added to your Portal
  5. Now start using WHMCS Billing Software

Included Setup with Installation:

  • Server Integration
  • Hosting Package Creation
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Domain Reseller Setup

Server integration:

WHMCS completely integrates with unlimited servers, at no extra cost. This means WHMCS will manage, automatically create, suspend and terminate your clients’ accounts will providing usage stats.

Payment Gateway:

WHMCS automatically creates invoices, logs payments, send reminders and more! Courtesy of this high-level automation, clients can free up numerous hours often spent handling billing issues.


WHMCS integrates into the most popular domain registrars. This allows you to register, transfer, renew and edit domains. You can even add your own registrars thanks to the modular system.

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