September 17, 2022

How to Start your web hosting business in 2022 (Special Free Stuff Inside)

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about Hosting Business as many people may wonder how they can start their own, so here we are with: How to Start your web hosting business in 2022 (Step by Step).

How to Start your web hosting business

Starting a hosting business seems very easy to do. It seems like this as there are so many hosting companies & more are coming day by day. There is good competition in hosting market yet there is quite good scope to grow also. Since the online industry is at its boom currently & most people want to have their own website.

Reasons to Start your web hosting business:

1. Easy

Web Hosting business is easy to operate. You just need to keep your clients happy. The main reason that keeps people away from this business is technical knowledge. That is only needed when you need to have your own servers. Till than you can start with a Reseller Hosting. That is easy to use & all technical things will be handled by your hosting provider. Once you do it you will get sufficient knowledge & many clients to grow more.

2. Good Source of Income

Starting a web hosting business is ideal for those who wants to add little spice to their income. You will be your own boss instead of being in job. Yeah, you have to give time to your business also. But web hosting business is stable as you get clients, they give you renewals on monthly or yearly basis. That is like watching your bank account grow.

3. Wide Scope

Hosting business currently have great opportunities for everyone thinking to start & have a worldwide scope to get customers from. You just need to innovative & start your hosting business. It’s a good start for those if you have any marketing ideas. If not, we also referred several ways to market your hosting company. ????. There are no legal formalities needed to Start your web hosting business.

4. Low Investment

Not much investment is needed in hosting business. You can even start from 10$ per month & invest as you get some clients. It’s one of the lowest investment startup businesses with huge scope of growth.

Earning Calculations:

Let’s assume you are taking a starter plan of 10$ per month where you can host 40 clients.

Taking minimum of 2$ per client that is 80$ per month of total sale. So 80$ of sale minus 10$ of starter plan equals to 70$ per month.

70$*12 months: 840$ = RS. 63000

Note: Profits are assumption of the minimum sale amount & considering no growth in customers.

How to Start your web hosting business in 2022:

Step by Step Guide to Start your web hosting business

1. Find your Niche

There is quite good competition in hosting business. To compete in such a industry you must choose a niche that you can fully focus on. Instead of offering the common things you must offer something unique or attractive. So that you will be seen separately from your competitors.

So to find your perfect niche you must study the market. You must focus on low competitive market with good enough margin.

Currently we are offering three types of Reseller Hosting to Start your web hosting business:

  1. Cheap Reseller Hosting (DirectAdmin)
  2. Offshore Reseller Hosting (DMCA Ignored)
  3. Indian cPanel Reseller Hosting (WHM)

2. Deciding Your Prior Marketing Strategies or Finding Your Target Audience

Before starting any business, you must know your customers or sale point. Without that no business can’t survive. Profit can only be made when you get some clients. So, you must know whom to target.

Once you decided your niche, you must find people who going to buy it Like: Bloggers, movie websites, individuals, developers, small or medium business groups or any other category.

Now after knowing whom to target, you have to consider how to target. Basically, you need to understand how you are going to market your web hosting business. Like: Social Ads, Google ads, whatsapp groups, Affiliate, sms Marketing, email marketing or any other way.

SitePape Provides you the daily domain whois database list, in which you will get the name, mobile number, email & other details of Domain Buyers. Whois database is great for marketing as the domain buyers will surely require a web hosting for their newly purchased domains.

Domain Database Will be fresh & will be delivered to you on daily basis. Like someone bought the domain today, you will get his details by next morning. So, you can target them via Email, Call, WhatsApp or SMS.

3. Branding

Branding covers most common things of your website Like: Company Name, Logo & Tag Line. Your brand name should be easy to pronounce & easy to remember. It must catch the reader mind at the first glance. It should be unique & innovative.

You can also try for domain name suggestions ????.

4. Registering Domain Name

Now it comes to choosing the right domain name. You can choose the brand name as your domain name. If it’s not available, you can choose the look alike name also. Now check if it’s easy to say & seems good enough at first glance. It must not be lengthy, try to keep it as small as possible. can also provide the domain name available as per brand name.

5. Designing your website

There are various ways to design your website. You must choose the one that you are perfect in. Like: WordPress, HTML or Drag & Drop Website Builder. As on our hosting you can do all three. But you must understand the one you are using.

We also offer you Hosting Template so that you can just edit that & launch it. Instead of doing all the hard work we offer you easy to do work. ????


6. Setting Billing & Support System

Billing system is a necessary part of starting your hosting business. As it gives ease to you & your clients. Your clients can order directly & get hosting automatically. You don’t need to be available 24/7 to activate your clients’ orders. It also helps you to provide support to your clients via ticket system.

One of the most used billing systems is WHMCS, it’s easy to use & have quite good range of customization. It comes with built in support system. You can easily sell Domains & Hosting via WHMCS.

Still looking for cheaper option, you can also choose Blesta for that. Blesta is also an amazing billing system.

You can also customize your billing system theme like your front theme. For that you need to buy themes or choose from the following. SitePape offers you Free Themes that comes with WHMCS Template also. Choose from the following:

7. Creating Hosting Package & Configuring

After completion of your Billing & Support System basic setup you need to configure your hosting packages. Like how much bandwidth, storage, ram, websites will be given in your plans. After creating your package in your reseller panel, you need to connect it with whmcs or blesta.

8. Payment Gateway Setup

In online business you need to take payment from your clients in multiple ways. Many payment gateway providers offering several options to receive payment Like: Debit Card/Credit Card/ NEFT/ Bank Transfer & Wallet Etc.

SitePape offers you Free Payment Gateways. You will get multiple payment gateways from our side.

First Payment Gateway to accept payment Via Debit Card/Credit Card/ NEFT/ Bank Transfer & Wallet Etc.

Second Payment Gateway to accept Payment via Crypto Currency Like: Bitcoin/Litecoin & Other Crypto Currencies.

9. Setup Private Name Servers

You can setup your private name servers for your reseller hosting. So that you can share your private name servers to clients. Our servers are completely white label, you can also provide our white label nameservers, if you don’t want to use private name servers.

10. Launching your Business & Starting Marketing

You have completely set your hosting for the launch. So, make announcements on your social pages Like: Coming Soon or Will Be Available from 20th Feb. You can also launch your website on an occasion with a discount promo to attract more customers.

Now you must start your previously decided marketing strategy & start promoting your business.

SitePape provides SEO Method & Some Social Messaging Marketing Method with every Reseller Hosting. That will help you Start your web hosting business.

11. Providing Support to your clients

Everybody loves good customer support & after sales services. Gathering sales is easy if you are good with marketing. But keeping the clients with you is bit of after sale service thing. If you provide the best support your client will remain forever, they will also refer you if your support is good.

12. Provide Something Unique

Hosting services are easy to get just buy a single click. You need to provide something attractive to your client. That isn’t available everywhere.

SitePape Offers These Freebies to all our Reseller Clients:

  • Free Whois Data (Details of Daily Domain Buyer from All Over the World)
  • Domain Reseller Account
  • Marketing Guide (SEO Friendly, via WhoisData)
  • Payment Gateway: Crypto Payment & Credit/Debit Card (Multiple Payment Gateway Solution Will Be Provided)
  • WHMCS Payment Gateway Setup ( We Will Setup Your Payment Gateway for You)
  • Free Premium Live Chat Software: 60 Days:
  • Premium Password Manager Software: Dashlane or LastPass
  • Premium VPN Account: NordVPN or IPVansih
We always here to solve your query, if need any help or have any question just let us know.

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