April 19, 2023

SubsHero : Track Your Ongoing All Subscriptions (Lifetime Deal) 2023

Hey Guys, In Today’s generation we have mostly subscription of all apps, and its not easy to manage all expenses in it. So, we are introducing you SubsHero.

What is SubsHero?

SubsHero is a website which tracks all subscriptions at one place. You just have to add your purchased subscription and they will track your subscription amount and ending date. Its very useful as in this busy world we forgot to renew our essential subscription at time which causes inconvenience.


Lifetime Deal on Appsumo :

  • Track 250 subs
  • Up to 10 folders
  • 5 alert profiles
  • 3 additional contacts

What Are The Benefits Of SubsHero?

There are many benefits of SubsHero. Some Of Are:

  • You don’t have to remember that you have to renew or cancel any subscription.
  • Calendar that helps you to locate the subscription dates

What Are The Features Of SubsHero?

  • Easily add subscriptions : You can easily add your subscriptions in it in one click

  • Chrome Extension : They also have chrome extension to effortless track your subscriptions. It will help you send remainder to renew or cancel your subscription.
  • Recurring Calendar : They also have calendar view to see all your upcoming subscriptions renewal date.

  • Reports : Best feature is reports, Reports provide amount of money spend on subscriptions. So, you don’t have to remember how much you are spending on subscriptions.

  • Mobile App : They also have mobile app to track your subscriptions at your mobile.

How To Add Subscriptions In SubsHero?

Its Very Easy to add subscriptions in it. Lets get started.

  1. Open Your SubsHero Account, Click On Add At Subscription Page.

2. Add The details of subscription like is it trial/lifetime/subscription, company name, payment date, payment amount, how you paid it, renewal date and category of it.

3. Click On Save and its done. It will now remind when its renewal date.

What Makes SubsHero Different Than Other?

We Have tried many subscription apps, some apps don’t have proper features, some are too much expensive. SubsHero have many features and in price its too affordable. so there are no other apps providing features like this at this much price.

Conclusion :

As we discussed about it, its very useful tool to Track your subscriptions at one place so that you don’t forgot to renew or cancel it. It will help save your money on useless subscriptions and emails from apps regarding renewals.

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