April 12, 2023

Top 3 Best Indian Virtual Number Provider 2023

Hey Guys, This Side SitePape assisting you today with the best Indian Virtual number provider with best services. India is a fast growing country and many companies wants a number which represents their brand.

If you want to expand the business and wants to contact someone in India with a professional number then you should get the Indian virtual number to communicate seamlessly with clients.

What Is Indian Virtual Number ?

Virtual Numbers is cloud based telephone number different than your personal so that you have different number for your business. Virtual Numbers can also be called Online Numbers as they works online which provides high quality voice. Virtual Phone Numbers ae getting popular in businesses day by day as they offers way to establish presence in different regions, cities.

How Virtual Number Helps Businesses?

Virtual Numbers provides businesses with effective way to receive calls from clients across the country without paying high local charges. Virtual Numbers comes with features such as call forwarding, voicemail and high quality voice.

Which Are The Top 3 Best Indian Top Virtual Number Provider?

  • Doosra : Provides Indian Mobile Phone Numbers.
  • Heyo : Provides Business Numbers Of Different Cities.
  • SuperFone : Provides Indian Mobile Phone Numbers.

Lets explain each app with its pros and cons.

Doosra is a app which provide normal Indian Virtual Number like +9192820000. It helps you to avoid spam calls and messages. You can select the number from which you want to accept calls, calls from other numbers will be blocked automatically. You can check blocked messages and calls received in app. If you ever receive OTPs or other sensitive message it will be sended as push notifications.

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Key Features Of Doosra : 

    • Smart Call Filter :  It Blocks all calls by default, you can allow the contacts from which you want to receive calls and messages.
    • Secure Call Back : You Can call back the person from which you receive calls without revealing your personal number. Call will be made with Doosra number.
    • Call Recording : You can record your incoming, outgoing calls according to your preferences.
    • Call And Message Management : Doosra provides separate call and messages log allowing business owners to manager their communication separately.
    • Auto Reply : You can set a automatic reply on your messages whenever you are busy.
    • Data Privacy : Doosra follows strict privacy policies to protect your personal data and prevent it from being shared or sold to third parties.

Doosra’s Supported Platforms : IOS, Android

Plans And Pricing :

Half Yearly Plans : 125Rs/month basically 750Rs + GST

Yearly Plans : 83/month Basically 996Rs + GST

Free Numbers Included With Them. If you want other professional number then you have to pay extra.

Heyo Phone is a app which provides Indian virtual Number of specific city starting numbers Like of Mumbai 022, Delhi 011. It Looks Very Professional to customers. You can add staff members on your app so that every business call gets accepted.

Key Features Of Heyo :

  • One Business Number : Heyo Gives One Business Number For You And Your Staff Without any additional sim required.
  • Adding Staff : You can distribute your business calls to your staff so that your personal and professional calls remain separated.
  • WhatsApp Support : Heyo Provides In App WhatsApp Feature So You Can Easily Access WhatsApp.
  • Welcome Greetings You can set a custom Welcome Greetings for your calls and messages which looks very professional.
  • Identify Callers : You can identify who is calling in Heyo without having different apps.
  • Call Recording : Heyo also offers the option to record calls, which can be useful for business or personal purposes.

Heyo Supported Platforms : Android Only, Have Plans for ios.

Plans And Pricing :

Monthly : 199Rs + GST

SuperFone Provides Indian Virtual Numbers Just Like Doosra but have some different features.


Key Features Of SuperFone :

  • Single Number : Single Number makes it easier for your customers to contact you.
  • Team Members : You can add team members. whenever you get any call from customer whichever team member is available he can answer the call.
  • Smart Caller Id : SuperFone call screen shows past history with customer so that you dont have to remember what you said earlier.
  • Business Features : You can share your business card, products, payment links, websites, set a remainder from call screen itself.
  • Multiple Numbers : You can add multiple numbers for all your business

SuperFone Supported Platforms : Android Only.

Plans And Pricing :

Monthly : 449Rs + GST

Quarterly : 999Rs Basically 333Rs Per Month + GST

Yearly : 3299Rs basically 275Rs Per Month + GST

What Are The Docs Required To Purchase A Virtual Number?

When Buying any virtual number Superfone don’t ask any docs to register a virtual number, You have to just complete signup and buy the number. meanwhile Heyo asks your Official Identity Otp to verify yourself after buying the number. In Doosra you have to submit all docs for kyc after making the payment of app.

Conclusion :

Indian Virtual Number is very useful for growing businesses in India. Its an important part of managing communication, security, enhanced features and also affordable in price.

Virtual Numbers offers many features like call forwarding, call recording, adding staff members, easier to communicate with customers, which are useful for any business to expand. They also provide privacy and security by keeping phone numbers private and allowing users to block spam calls.

Overall, virtual phone numbers have transformed the way we communicate with one another in India. They’re a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional phone systems, making it easier to stay connected with people both locally and globally.


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