October 10, 2022

What is Burner Mail? How To Get Premium Burner Mail Worth 100$ For Free

Hey Guys, As you guys already know that we are focused towards privacy. We provide several privacy features & addons. Today We Are Talking About Premium Burner Mail. So today we are going to post about “What is Burner Mail? How To Get Premium Burner Mail For Free ?”. So that you guys can know about it better & use it perfectly.

premium burner mail

Unlike other temp mail services that offers using it for temporary purpose & only receive mail to that mailbox only. We offer you next generation burner mail service. Which provides you premium & custom anonymous Email. That forwards your received mail to your original mail with 100% privacy protection & spam free.


What is Burner Mail Used For ?

The burner mail service say no to spam & only forward your useful information. Burner Mail service also secure you from phishing attacks by implementing certain spam filters that disallow any spam or phishing mail to hit your real inbox. Isn’t that a great deal to get for free.



Keep your private life the real private. Secure yourself from embarasing email hacks. No need to share your personal email to register just anywhere. Use your burner mail like permanent one.

Burner Mail vs Temporary/Disposable Mail :

Some people confuses Burner Mail with Temp Mail i.e. two different roads. Check the difference below.

Temporary mails are mostly provided for 10 minutes with a separate mailbox. They are used to receive a anonymous mail temporary. Once you receive the mail & it expires, all the emails you received on that period will be deleted. They are also known as throwaway email address, temporary email address, fake email or trash email.

Burner Mail provides you the unique, custom, anonymous mail address to receive mail. All the emails received on it will be forwarded to your real mail without the risk of getting your real mail disposed. Even if you delete your burner email, all the emails received on it will be safe in your real mail. Burner mail can also be used as an permanent mail.

Differences Highlights :

Burner Mail & Temporary Mail both keep your private email secure. But, temporary mail can’t be used permanently on the other hand Burner Mail can be used permanently. Burner Mail & Temporary Mail Highlights

  • Burner Mail is Permanent, Temporary Mail is for 5-10 Minutes
  • Burner Mail keeps your history safe on real mail, temporary mail deletes it after few minutes
  • Burner Mail forwards the mail to your real mail withour leaking your privacy, temporary mail use a temporary mailbox
  • Burner Mail Filter Spam, Like Phishing, Spamming etc. You only receive clean mails. Temporary mail doesn’t have such filters.

How To Get Premium Burner Mail For Free ?

Premium Burner mail usually costs around 10-20$ per month i.e. way to hight to be bough separately. That is why we team up with the team & tried for collaboration, so that we can provide you Premium Burner Mail with our Web Hosting Services For Free. As we are totality concern about user privacy.

There are many of our web hosting plans that includes burner mail. Just follow the below step by step procedure to get yours.

  1. First of all Open Our Client Portal
  2. Open your Services & Copy Your Hosting Order Id
  3. Now Create a ticket with Subject “Burner Mail Registration”. Also Refer little details like : Name you want on email : Like if you want [email protected] Then Write (I would like a Burner Mail with the name of SitePape & my original mail Id is [email protected])
  4. Our Executive will be providing your mail as soon as they receive your request
  5. Once you receive your Burner Mail, Start using it like real one.

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