September 14, 2022

What is OffShore Hosting? Why Should you Buy OffShore Hosting in 2022?

Hey guys, today we are going to explain some facts & let you know about: What is OffShore Hosting? Why Should you Buy OffShore Hosting in 2022?

OffShore hosting can be the game changer for you in the year 2022, as now a days web hosting business is increasing day by day as in the increase of websites. Most of the hosting providers doesn’t care about your data privacy & also take down your website on any DMCA complaint.

What is OffShore Hosting? Why Should you Buy OffShore Hosting in 2022?

Offshore Hosting is usually for those who wants to write or post about anything seems not allowed in your country. Like in India you can’t host : Movies, Copyright Contents, Porn & much more. But offshore hosting does allow such content.

What is OffShore Hosting? Why Should you Buy OffShore Hosting in 2022?

How offshore hosting allows us to host copyright content?

OffShore hosting is just a normal hosting with datacenter on a country far away from your home country. Which allow their users to freely speak about such things. That is respecting individuals Right to Speak.



There are Offshore Datacenters like Russia, Netherlands etc. that allows you to host mostly any kind of content & ignore any kind of DMCA complaints received from any country.

What is OffShore Hosting? Why Should you Buy OffShore Hosting in 2022?

OffShore hosting is good for those who wants to have a stable website without worrying about any kind of complaints due to copyright. Usually, all kind of bloggers do copy others content or post image of any other blogger, that can also cause DMCA complaint. So to avoid such problems you should choose OffShore hosting. OffShore hosting is also known as DMCA Ignored Hosting.

What kind of Contents are allowed on Offshore Server?

Offshore doesn’t allow you to host any kind of illegal thing. Offshore datacenters only allow to host content that are allowed within there law. Offshore country doesn’t follow US DMCA law. So, you can easily host copywrite content. Some of the content that are mentioned on our Terms & Condition are not allowed. If you host such content, your site will be suspended. No Allowed: Child Porn, Spamming, Phishing & any other illegal things.

Allowed Content with Offshore Datacenters

  • Movies
  • Porn
  • Copywrite Content
  • Pirated Software
  • Cracked Games/Apps
  • Nulled Themes/Scripts etc.
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Why Offshore Hosting is Not Free:

Offshore Hosting requires high configured servers on a faraway country. That makes it costly to start & manage such services. That is why there are very few companies providing offshore services. So, to cover the cost no one is able to provide offshore hosting for free.

Can I Upload Movies on Offshore Web Hosting?

Yes & no both as you can’t direct upload movies as here, we are talking about shared hosting. For movies upload you need Offshore VPS or Offshore Dedicated Server. No Shared Hosting allow upload of such files. Further information mentioned on our Terms & Conditions. Generally Shared hosting are to host your website content only.

We are also providing Offshore storage servers on request, that allow you to host such files at very low cost. You can upload Movies, Porn & Warez etc.

Storage servers are limited to the storage you get with your offshore storage server. That can be extended when you reach the limit by paying for more storage. It costs less than 0.5$ per GB.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Offshore Web Hosting:

We do provide instant Offshore on the order approval. Usually offshore shared web hosting & reseller are approved instantly. Offshore VPS & Dedicated Servers may take 24-72 hours to setup, depend on server configuration. As we do several server quality tests including hardware tests & than servers are configured.

Some of Our Offshore Web Hosting Plans

Start 1 Domain,SSD Storage, Free SSL, 1 Burner Mail 1.99$
Value 3 Domain, SSD Storage, Free SSL, 5 Burner Mail 5.99$
Deluxe 10 Domain,Free Domain, SSD, 10 Burner Mail 10.99$
Ultimate Unlimited Domains,Free Domain, SSD, 20 Burner Mail 16.99$

How do we Avoid/Ignore DMCA takedowns: Offshore Servers :

DMCA is a US Law that are enforced to those who does follow the US Law, Currently most of countries follow US DMCA law.

So to avoid the DMCA Complaint we need to change host country so suspension/ termination will not be done upon receiving of any DMCA complaint. Any website takedown notice that is not received from host country will be ignored. We don’t consider External links as our server content and the complainer should contact the source link provider for any complaint. Thus our service is DMCA Ignored Hosting Service.

How to Buy Offshore Hosting:

Buying offshore web hosting is very easy with sitepape.

Step by step process to buy offshore web hosting:

  1. First of all, Visit Here
  2. Choose Package as per need
  3. Click Order Now
  4. Enter Existing Domain Name or Register New
  5. Enter Details
  6. Go to Payment Page
  7. Proceed to payment with multiple options Including Crypto for your anonymity
  8. Now you will get your Offshore hosting with ease.

Does Offshore Means Bulletproof & Can i Buy Bulletproof:

No, Offshore & Bulletproof is a different thing. Offshore is just having a hosting account away from your country that is not following DMCA Law. Bulletproof is for basically illegal purposes like: Phishing, Spamming, Child-Porn etc. that we don’t support. If any person found to be doing that will be suspended immediately.

Thanks for reading: What is OffShore Hosting? Why Should you Buy OffShore Hosting in 2022?

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